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What we offer at our Clinic
We are offering a lot of different modalities, not just prescribing supplements and herbals.
I am looking holistically at the whole person using my educational training, my past down traditional herbal heritage and my intuition, taking the time to look at the core wound the person is carrying, 
really listening and being there. Holding that person in a safe place to look at those health issues.
It is important that the person gains self awareness of the wounds that undermine their sense of self,
in order to change.
I believe that life is an evolutional journey based on soul growth, learning and inner-work.
When you go deeper that's where the answer to the "great mystery" lies.
Life mirrors to us where we are in our journey.
Our life experiences and relationships are powerful tools to learn about ourselves.
Holding a person with deep empathy and going within is the key.