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Qualifications / Experience

Robert Newby ND. MHD. Dip Irid.                                            

Diploma of Herbal Medicine M.H.D. 
Diploma of Natural Therapeutics, Naturopathy N.D.
Diploma of Clinical Iridology Dip.Irid.
Crainalsacral Therapy 
Diploma Deep Tissue Massage
Spiritual Development, Atlantean Connection
Fascial Kinectics
Bowen Therapy
Herbal Manufacturing Intensive, in Australia with Denis Stewart
Chironic Healing 
Certified Crystology Practitioner, Melody endorsed, USA
Hoorstmann Technique of Self Sabotage Practitioner
The Art of Facial Diagnosis Practitioner
Accelerated Energy Movement Practitioner (EM)
Elohim Healing Practitioner

Member of the New Zealand Association Of Medical Herbalists      NZAMH
Member of the Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of New Zealand  NMHNZ

John Lennon - Life is what happens to you, while you are busy making other plans

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