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                      Remedial Body Therapies

Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage
Massage has been around it seems forever, and begins with simple touch.
I have trained in many remedial body therapies. 
Massage can be gentle and soothing through to deep movements facilitating
changes in the muscles of the body.
Massage can be really relaxing or deeply moving looking at the emotional 
blocks stored deep in the cells and releasing that energy, 
restoring the body to a state of harmony and balance.

                                      The art of applying pressure to the feet/hands without the use of oils.
                                      Based on a system of reflex areas that reflect different organs of the body.
                                      Applying pressure to co-in-siding areas effects a physical change to the body.

Bowen Technique / Fascial Kinectics 
Tom Bowen developed Bowen technique, a dynamic but gentle way of working with the ligaments and tendons of the body to release stored tension.
Russell Sturges went on to call his version of it Fascial Kinectics, working also on the ligaments and tendons with quite different moves, based on intention.
I have studied both of these methods.The specific movements allows the 'fascia' of the body to release tension, which brings relaxation and a softness to the fascia system of the whole body. 

                                       Cranial Sacral Therapy
                                       An extremely powerful way of working on all parts of the body with gentle hand 
                                       positions being held, interacting with and causing releases and correct flow of energy.
                                       Many things can happen in a session releasing past trauma, hurts and tension from the                                          body, thus bringing the body back to a natural flow of being ever-presence, nurturing a 
                                       place of profound relaxation and release.

Chakra Crystal Balancing
Working on the chakras, our energy system of the body. Sanskrit "Chakra" = spinning whorls of light. 
The laying on of crystals over specific points in order to help the person return to balance and peace.
There is much that can happen when connected to stillness.
Crystals when used correctly have amazing properties 
to help promote healing on many levels.

Lemurian crystal
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