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What to expect from a consultation ?
Initial consultations are usually an hour 1 hr to 1½ hours.
A detailed case is taken; focusing on what the person 
is there for with consideration to the patient’s health, medications and family history.
We look at diet, nutritional status, hormonal status, lifestyle and how to improve these. 
Every aspect of health is thoroughly covered.
At the end of a consultation we include an Iridology ‘Iris’ reading (see "Iridology' the study of the eye, under the tab "About Modalities") to see that the health information we have gathered matches what the person is experiencing, and to get a complete health picture.
Also we will look at Tongue, Nail and Face diagnosis and any other diagnosis skills that are appropriate.
I have many years experience sitting with people, there are many ways of gathering information for correct interpretation.
We work with many varied and complicated health conditions, from babies through to the elderly, from simple immunological problems, hormonal difficulties, fertility, through to the cancer journey. Many have passed by our doors on the pathway to health.
My passion is to support people to take the journey of health as naturally as possible using the gifts of medicinal plants available to us, to simplify where possible complicated medication regimes and to find the best health potential for each person. We are one, and yet we all have different needs when it comes to making an individual prescription.

At the end of a consultation an individual Herbal medicine is prescribed and dispensed for the patient, along with nutritional and lifestyle advice, 
i.e. a plan of action to lead to better health.
The treatment plan will then be reviewed with ½ hr to 1 hr consultation follow up in 3 - 4 weeks time. Depending on the health of the patient further herbal medicine may be prescribed or adjusted for the patient for as long as needed for the specific health condition.

There are many ways into the body for diagnosis and healing.
When we look at health we need to also consider the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body always, this is so important for a holistic diagnosis.

As nature has gifted us her medicine with healthy ‘whole’ medicinal plants that resonate with us, so too can the human be healthy and ‘whole’ on all levels.
For the greatest healing to occur it is not until we have excavated all cellular blocks on all levels, then we can be free and joyous understanding our health, purpose and journey !

The Hathors - All beings - human, animal, plant and otherwise - all posses vibration fields of energy because they 'are' vibrational fields of energy.

Echinacea angustifolia.